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Crowded Streets started as the project of lead singer Gabe Matthews. He began finding and auditioning musicians in and around the Washington DC/Metro Area to create the best sonic reproduction of the world renowned Dave Matthews Band. He wanted musicians that shared his love of DMB and would be able to duplicate the intricate rhythms, jams and feel of the music.

Crowded Streets was formed in 2006 to cover one of the most popular artists of the 90's as well as today, The Dave Matthews Band. The band is quickly being considered Northern VA's premier live Dave Matthews Band experience. This talented group extends DMB's legacy through a multi-dimensional approach, faithfully recreating their timeless music while also reinventing it with interpretive jams. Crowded Streets is steadily earning a reputation for excellence and an intimate connection with their growing audience. Their show is nothing less than a full out musical experience that's not to be missed! They truly may be considered..."the best of what's around."

Each musician brings flare to the group in their own way! However, they also play the songs the way DMB intended them to be played. With extensive years of experience, the musicians that make up "Crowded Streets" bring power, precision and excitement to each person in the audience. They are meticulous in their practice habits and it shows as each song is performed with the true, DMB sound.

If you're a fan of the original, you'll not want to miss this group. Next to seeing DMB themselves, Crowded Streets will bring you to a fevered pitch with powerful recreations!

Gabe Matthews -Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Jamie Lapihuska -Violin & Backup Vocals
Mike Vitale -Saxophones & Flute, Backup Vocals
Rob Lapihuska -Bass Guitar
Bruno de Lima-Campos -Lead Guitar & Backup, Backup Vocals
Chris Murray -Drums





Crowded Streets

Song List

All Along The Watchtower
American Baby
Ants Marching
Dancing Nancies
Don't Drink The Water
Grey Street
Hunger for the Great Light
Jimi Thing
Lie In Our Graves
Lover Lay Down
Rhyme & Reason
Say Goodbye
So Much To Say
Song That Jane Likes
The Best Of What's Around
The Space Between
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Two Step
Typical Situation
What Would You Say
When The World Ends
Where Are You Going

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