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Perfect for live bands performing in larger bars, clubs, or hotel ballrooms.
Two way full stack sound system with 4 monitor mixes.
Will cover 150-200 people with concert level sound (110dBA)

(1) X32 digital console with iPad wireless remote interface
(1) Powersoft Amplifier Rack with Digital System Processor
(4) JBL MRX525 900 watt full range dual 15"/2" PA speakers
(4) JBL MRX528S 900 watt dual 18" subwoofers
(5) JBL MRX512M stage monitors
(1) microphone pack with Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, Whirlwind microphones and DI boxes
(1) microphone stand pack with assorted tall and short microphone stands with boom arms
(1) custom cable pack for this sound system
(4) full color mixing LED stage lights
*delivery included
*setup included
*experienced tech included

**Convert any "live" sound package into a "DJ" rig upon request. In exchange for the live microphones, mic stands, and mixing console, we add a compact line mixer, professional Rane or Pioneer DJ mixer, (2) Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 CD players, and a Shure SM58 wireless mic system**